iSpy imagery provides an imagery capture and analysis capability for commercial applications, mining, gas, oil, agriculture, aquaculture, wildlife, land management, government, defence, border security and emergency services.
Aerial imagery has many applications and benefits including:

  • Property photos
  • Detect trespassing, illegal dumping, logging
  • Migratory wildlife tracking and species counts
  • Remote property and park monitoring with usage reports
  • Catch illegal activities like dumping, poaching and logging
  • Environmental clean-up support
  • Detect damage, trespassing, vandalism, leaks
  • Real Estate photos for MLS and advertising brochures
  • Promotion, Advertising, Keepsakes, Resale photos
  • Property oversight, storm damage
  • Current ATV and vehicle trail condition photos
  • Beach and coastal erosion recording
  • Monitor unauthorized access to protected/controlled lands
  • Conservation Easement monitoring
  • Identify potential project encroachments and conflicts
  • Construction site progress photos
  • Dedicated aerial coverage of your event
  • Pre and post property insurance claim photos