Too Close For Comfort. A reminder about seperation.


We’ve heard stories about operators flying into controlled airspace. And with the number of hobby drones given for Christmas, thought this recent post from ATSB was a timely reminder to stick to the limits, unless you file a flight plan or establish a ROZ.

This near collision between an Extra 300L aircraft and a Robinson 44 helicopter shows how important it is to keep a good lookout, especially in class D airspace where pilots are responsible for maintaining separation.

While descending to land at Bankstown Airport, the passengers and pilot on the R44 saw the underside of the Extra pass from right to left in front of their helicopter. They estimated it was within 100 ft of the R44’s altitude and about 70-100 m in front of them.

Read what led to the close call:…/investi…/2015/aair/ao-2015-080.aspx

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