Police Services Adopting Drones – Officially!

Any warm body is able to be found, either day or night.  Foxes, rabbits, sheep and cattle, as well as unwanted visitors stand no chance against iiSpy technology.

Drone tracking Persons of Interest through heavy bushland

Since our initial trials with Police and Emergency Services in 2010, both here and in the middle east, there has been a slow adoption of the uses of drones into the main stream. In the last few years, its starting to turn into a flood. And it’s great to hear that the NSW Police is officially taking on a Remote Piloted Vehicles (RPV) capability into the force.

Our boys and girls in blue have announced that they will be using tier 1 RPV to assist in tasks such as search and rescue, threat assessment and crowd control. All great uses for these platforms. Drones, or RPV’s, have been used in the military for several decades now as they have a unique capability to be a force multiplier, and we believe this will be a game changer for the police. During our trials we ran several exercises, and real life events searching and tracking “persons of interest” with a variety of apparatus, including Thermal Imaging, very effectively and we’ve included the imagery above.

We have no doubt that civil libertarians will protest the use of drones by police, and so they should, as it is their right. Whilst they have a point, I doubt any member of the Police, in this day and age where there is more scrutiny and visibility on actions, would entertain deliberately going beyond the charter they have to use the drone lawfully.

What we do know, is that in a serious event such as a missing child, getting as many resources as quickly as possible into action can make a huge difference, and we think that’s worth the investment.

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