Drones in the Vines

UAV brings better results in agriculture

iiSpy recently presented a series of precision agriculture seminars in conjunction with Regional Development Australia, culminating in Drones in the Vines, held at Tuscany Estate last weekend.  One point that is really perplexing is that we approaching 10 years of commercial drone operations.  Yet still 60% of the market is focused on photography.  UAV opportunities are endless, still un prosecuted, particularly in agriculture.

Drones in the vines, and other agriculture

Drone are a game changer for agriculture.  At the recent seminar we demonstrated how looking at your farm from above can save you;

  1. Time
  2. Resources
  3. Chemicals
  4. Labour
  5. Improving our ROI and saving you MONEY!!
RDA Drones in the vines

RDA, iiSpy and shadow minister for agriculture Joel Fitzgibbon discuss drones in agriculture

The Product

UAVs offer land holders the ability to capture highly accurate imagery.  These images can provide actionable intelligence which provides;

  • Spatially-enabled, baseline dataset for farm mapping
  • Imagery and analysis of crop and soil health and environmental conditions
  • Option to include low cost wireless cattle tracking systems to understand livestock activity

The Platform

The client wants results.  We are vendor agnostic, so we choose the best platform to get the information that will drive ROI for the client.  We are still seeing far too much focus on the platforms of UAVs (particularly from service providers).  As we have always said, the client doesn’t care if the imagery was taken from a satellite, plane, drone or hand held camera, it’s what the imagery delivers to the client, not how it was gathered.

Big Data is Big Business

Big data is big business and pricing is very sharp up front and gets less so once clients have signed on.  There are so many data platforms in the market, each very similar and promising to deliver some great analysis of imagery.  But in reality many offer black box solutions.  What this means is that once data is handed over, how the information is interpreted is near impossible to follow.  Should the client wish to switch data platforms, it is extremely difficult to regain the data.

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