If a tree falls in the forest…Police Take Up Drone Use

Police Take Up Drone Use


If an emergency happens and no one responds – who am I kidding, someone always responds.  And therein lies the problem.  We have an endless supply of emergencies, but a finite amount of police, fire fighters and ambos to respond.  And how do we fix this?  Well the good new is Police take up drone use to help.

By now if you haven’t worked out that I’m a drone affionado and a UAV is the answer, then this next part is going to be quite a revelation.

For emergency services, governments keep asking for the same level of service, with less budget.  Therefore, emergency services need to invest in technology to keep up.  Force Multipliers are tools that help amplify effort to produce more output. A hammer is a force multiplier. Investing in Force Multipliers means that you’ll get more done with the same amount of effort. Moving from foot patrols to vehicles (where appropriate) are a force multiplier, cover more ground with the same number of resources.  And guess what…. drones are a force multiplier

When You Call Police Will Determine When They Come

Let me give you an example, guess when the most calls are made to emergency services?  Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

iiSpy Drones provide better intelligence and improve situational awareness.  Assess where first responders and resources need to be.  Broadcast intelligence and images directly to operator on the ground.

Investigate an accident, incident, fire or crime scene quickly and allocate the appropriate force response in near real time, without diverting resources away from where they are most needed.

NSW Police crime fighting drones

Police Take Up Drone Use

So, when are the most calls made to emergency services 000 hotline – around 3pm, on school days, which coincides with school knock off.  How many of these are prank calls?  Most of them.  That’s a lot of misguided first responders who could be better utilised for real emergencies.

If you want to read more on what is happening with Police using drones in everyday roles, here’s an interesting article from the Newcastle Herald

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