UAV brings better results in agriculture

Drones in the Vines

iiSpy recently presented a series of precision agriculture seminars in conjunction with Regional Development Australia, culminating in Drones in the Vines, held at Tuscany Estate last weekend.  One point that is really perplexing is that we approaching 10 years of commercial drone operations.  Yet still 60% of the market is focused on photography.  UAV opportunities[…]

iiSpy and Regional Development Australia are presenting drones, agriculture and the future of smart farms

iiSpy and Regional Development Australia Present Smart Agriculture

iiSpy and Regional Development Australia have joined for a National Science Week collaboration.  iiSpy and Regional Development Australia have announced a series of presentations in partnership with the Hunter Innovation and Science Hub to educate students to consider Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  The workshops will be held at in the beautiful grounds of Tocal[…]

Know exactly what is happening on the farm with our software and smart agriculture drone technology

Smart Agriculture Is Taking Off

iiSpy’s  smart agriculture is taking off, with farmers seeing real benefits and improvements in Return On Investment.  Some of our recent projects involved; Fruit, Vegetable and Broad Acre Live Stock Farm and Water Management   Smart Agriculture Is Taking Off In Fruit, Vegetable And Broad Acre Our equipment provides radically new perspectives on the health[…]

Police Take Up Drone Use

If a tree falls in the forest…Police Take Up Drone Use

  If an emergency happens and no one responds – who am I kidding, someone always responds.  And therein lies the problem.  We have an endless supply of emergencies, but a finite amount of police, fire fighters and ambos to respond.  And how do we fix this?  Well the good new is Police take up drone[…]

technology moves fast - go chase it - be committed

How breakfast can build a successful drone business

Last week I was asked a question on how to grow a drone business.  Do you really need business plans and what was the best funding options?  Well firstly, there seems to be a love affair with venture capital and technology at the moment.  So how do you go from having your dream of a[…]

How do iiSpy drones make money for business

Research what your market wants from Drones

Experience is a wonderful thing.  How do you get it when no one will give you a break?  And how do you research what your market wants from drones?  When we first started flying drones from our first office in Newcastle, this was our story.  That was until we learnt how to phrase the proposition[…]

Drone over airfield

Avoid The Drone Race To The Bottom

How are you going to make a living flying drones?  More and more drone operators are entering the market.  Every week there is the new claim of “we are the oldest and most trusted operator in the market.”  In 20 years, I’ve heard it all.  So where is this going to leave the market.  In short – in a race to the bottom.  When what you do is no longer unique, how you do it becomes the unique sales proposition.  Let me explain, let’s take real estate photography as an example.  Aerial shots were around $500 for a portfolio.  Drones entered the market and prices dropped, and dropped and well last week, I had a customer quote me $50 for a job.


“if your clients don’t make at least twice as much as they are paying you – you don’t have a viable drone business”


If you’re into Agriculture – The good times are finally here!

That’s according to Barnaby Joyce who believes that Australia is on the cusp of a “golden era” in agriculture production.  The Federal Agriculture Minister said national production value this year is expected to exceed $60 billion for the first time. And we at iiSpy have been helping our farming clients increase yield per hectare with[…]


Crop Cirles and Cross Words!

Science has been puzzled by unexplained phenomena such as crop circles for years, with stories about weird extra terrestrials making them. Saw this story and thought too good not to share with your clients and let them know that sometimes the only way to truly express how you feel is from the air! For the[…]

Any warm body is able to be found, either day or night.  Foxes, rabbits, sheep and cattle, as well as unwanted visitors stand no chance against iiSpy technology.

Police Services Adopting Drones – Officially!

Drone tracking Persons of Interest through heavy bushland Since our initial trials with Police and Emergency Services in 2010, both here and in the middle east, there has been a slow adoption of the uses of drones into the main stream. In the last few years, its starting to turn into a flood. And it’s[…]


Too Close For Comfort. A reminder about seperation.

We’ve heard stories about operators flying into controlled airspace. And with the number of hobby drones given for Christmas, thought this recent post from ATSB was a timely reminder to stick to the limits, unless you file a flight plan or establish a ROZ. This near collision between an Extra 300L aircraft and a Robinson[…]