1. Let us know what you want.

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2. We put it out to a trusted network of providers, getting the right operator, at the right time and place at the best price.

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3. The job is done, with your terms and conditions, your payment system, your way.

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Why Us

iiSpy is a pioneer of drone operations.

We started in the military and demand for our services pulled us into the civil market. The company has former military pilots, air traffic controllers and aviation operations officers, each with over 20 years experience.

For Our Clients
We get our clients the best quality and price. You come to one place and don’t have to run around trying to get the best quality and price.

For Our Operators
We get a lot of enquiries for operators to do work. We get our drone operators jobs, so you can focus on delivering for our clients. We can support with advice, dealing with air space issues and any other aviation assistance you need.