Drones in the Vines

iiSpy recently presented a series of precision agriculture seminars in conjunction with Regional Development Australia, culminating in Drones in the Vines, held at Tuscany Estate last weekend.  One point that is really perplexing is that we approaching 10 years of commercial drone operations.  Yet still 60% of the market is focused on photography.  UAV opportunities[…]

Know exactly what is happening on the farm with our software and smart agriculture drone technology

Smart Tech Agriculture Taking Off

iiSpy’s  smart technology agriculture is taking off, with farmers seeing real benefits and improvements in Return On Investment.  Some of our recent projects involved; Fruit, Vegetable and Broad Acre Live Stock Farm and Water Management   Smart Technology Agriculture Is Taking Off In Fruit, Vegetable And Broad Acre Our equipment provides radically new perspectives on[…]

Police Take Up Drone Use

If a tree falls in the forest…Police Take Up Drone Use

If an emergency happens and no one responds – who am I kidding, someone always responds.  And therein lies the problem.  We have an endless supply of emergencies, but a finite amount of police, fire fighters and ambos to respond.  And how do we fix this?  Well the good new is Police take up drone use[…]